Gregory Jade 38 Women’s Backpack, Medium, Mauve, NEVER USED, like new

surpiegirl_gregory_jade38_01Just in time for your summer or fall vacation!
Pre-owned but NEVER USED!
“Like new” Condition

I love this backpack! Gregory has since redesigned it as the J38 but honestly, I think this discontinued model wins hands down. In my opinion, the newer model is overdesigned, has less practical openings, and the redesigned snapping and cinching clips are harder to use. The Jade 38 is simple and easy to use, and it’s supremely lightweight and comfortable. Standing, the main compartment opens at the top, with a cinch cord. Lay it down in your tent or on a hotel bed, and you can unzip it and pack it like a suitcase. There are additional zippered compartments at the bottom, at the top, and in the front, so you can segregate clean, dirty, and damp clothes, and gear. The pack comes with its own raincover. It has all the great features that distinguish Gregory packs — the suspension system, adjustable sternum strap height, contouring for women’s bodies, etc. Lovely mauve color.




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