Handsome Antique Brass Bed, Restored, Queen – needs minor repair

Antique Genuine Brass Bed
Expertly Restored — Needs Repair (replacement part)
Standard Queen

This handsome genuine brass bed was rebuilt and restored in the 1980′s by the experts at Hob Nail Antiques in New York.

The bed consists of brass headboard and footboard and two steel side frames. (No mattress or box spring.) It is taken apart and reassembled with a mallet; no bolting or other fastening needed.

There is a repair needed: one of the brass screws for the footboard is missing. See photos. Otherwise the bed is in good vintage condition, with some dings and tiny tears, as would be expected in hollow brass over many years of use.

The bed is a prized possession, owner moving and cannot take it.

Asking $600 or best offer.
Email surpiegirl.

Pick up New York City, Manhattan. No shipping. Second floor, elevator building, easy load out.

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Baseline® Finger Circumference Gauge 6″ / 15cm DISCOUNT$

Medical, Mobility & Disability Monitoring, Evaluation & Testing

Baseline® Evaluation Instruments Finger Circumference Gauge, 6 inch / 15 cm Maximum (US and metric)

Baseline® product # 12-1220 / 12-1221

Measure the circumference of a joint or digit. Wrap webbing around the finger and read circumference directly from the ruler.

Dimensions: 6″ x 0.5″ x 1″

Available singly or in quantities of 10 or 25. Each piece individually wrapped and sealed in plastic envelope.

1: $7.50 each
Package of 10: $65 ($6.50 each)
Package of 25: $137.50 ($5.50 each)

Initial offering of entire lot of 120 for sale while available: Contact us >>

Shipping up to 25 pieces: $5.00 US Priority Mail Flat Rate Envelope
26-120 pieces: $10.00 USPS Priority Mail Flat Rate Box

surpiegirl_baseline_finger_gauge_4408surpiegirl_baseline_finger_gauge_4407  surpiegirl_baseline_finger_gauge_4409 surpiegirl_baseline_finger_gauge_4410


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Lipault Paris Luggage: 19″ Weekend Bag, Pre-Owned, Excellent Condition

surpiegirl_lipault_01Used Twice — Excellent Condition
Hand or Shoulder Carry ––Tangerine color

Lipault luggage is super lightweight, durable, and great-looking. I have several pieces and love them! I am selling this bag after only two uses because my lifestyle has changed and I no longer need a weekend bag. It is in EXCELLENT condition, with only slight scuffing on the bottom corners from sitting on floor during two overnight trips.


This genuine Lipault Weekender Shoulder Bag is one of the best pieces Lipault ever made and the perfect overnight bag. It has comfortable, padded carrying handles and a detachable heavy-duty, shoulder strap that is easy on your upper body. The zipper compartments and partitions for holding “stuff” are beautifully designed and so useful. The bag fits snugly atop a Lipault roller suitcase for easy airport transiting. (See photo below.) The bottom panel of this bag collapses, making the Weekender easy to fold and store. My bag is “tangerine” orange.

surpiegirl_lipault_03 surpiegirl_lipault_02

Regularly priced at $119 in the US, I am offering this “barely used” Lipault 19″ Weekender for $65. It’s one of the best investments you’ll ever make.

Email SurpieGirl for more info or to purchase via PayPal >>
Or purchase on Ebay >>

Note: The photos you see in orange are my own photos of MY bag. In addition, I have provided 3 manufacturer’s photos, just to demonstrate more of the bag’s features:

And here is what the manufacturer has to say:

Fabric: Nylon Twill – JPF-1002
Measurements: 19.3”x13”x7.9”  -  2.2 lb  -  2,257 cu in
Exterior features:

  • 2 carrying handles
  • 3 zipped pockets on the front
  • 1 detachable and adjustable shoulder strap
  • 1 flat zipped pocket at the back
  • 1 strap to allow the bag to slip over the handle on luggage pieces for ease and convenience

Interior features:

  • 1 main compartment for carrying credit cards, pens, business cards, mobile phone and other items
  • 1 large flat zipped pocket at the back
  • Monogrammed lining

surpiegirl_lipault_07 surpiegirl_lipault_06 surpiegirl_lipault_05

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Brother MFC-9970CDW All-In-One Color Laser Printer, Wireless Networking, Duplex

surpiegirl_mfc9970cdw_01This color laser printer is part of the outstanding Brother Multi-Function All-In-One line of copier printers, a workhorse capable of handling the scan, fax, copy, and print requirements of a small to medium-size office, with wireless networking.

This machine has been lightly used and carefully maintained in a small home office, and it is operational. It makes excellent b&w and color copies: see samples below!

Usage: 7650 copies (1380 color, 6370 bw)
See additonal usage data below.







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Gregory Jade 38 Women’s Backpack, Medium, Mauve, NEVER USED, like new

surpiegirl_gregory_jade38_01Just in time for your summer or fall vacation!
Pre-owned but NEVER USED!
“Like new” Condition

I love this backpack! Gregory has since redesigned it as the J38 but honestly, I think this discontinued model wins hands down. In my opinion, the newer model is overdesigned, has less practical openings, and the redesigned snapping and cinching clips are harder to use. The Jade 38 is simple and easy to use, and it’s supremely lightweight and comfortable. Standing, the main compartment opens at the top, with a cinch cord. Lay it down in your tent or on a hotel bed, and you can unzip it and pack it like a suitcase. There are additional zippered compartments at the bottom, at the top, and in the front, so you can segregate clean, dirty, and damp clothes, and gear. The pack comes with its own raincover. It has all the great features that distinguish Gregory packs — the suspension system, adjustable sternum strap height, contouring for women’s bodies, etc. Lovely mauve color.




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Android Tablets: AVA SuperPad III 10″, MID PC 7″, MID PC 8″— store returns — 37 units


Update: This lot has been SOLD

We have just acquired a new lot of what may have been “store returns.” We are general liquidators, not electronics or technology specialists, so we cannot offer any assurances as to condition or viability. We are selling this lot “as is,” with no guarantees, and no returns accepted.

Tablets may show some signs of use, mainly fingerprints, occasional light wear. Most screens have been well-protected against scratches. Each tablet will be shipped to you in its original retail packaging. Most of the packaging is in very good condition, some slightly distressed.

All the photos in this listing are of the actual items. We have identified the tablets to the best of our ability, powered up each unit, used the touchscreen to move among windows, and connected to a wi-fi network where possible. Here is an inventory of the units and what we have observed regarding their condition:

18 UNITS: 8″ MID Tablet Model No. PC-802
Processor: VIA WM 8650, Android 2.2, w/AC power supply

Of the 18 units, 8 seem to be functional to the extent that they

8 appeared to be functional to the extent that we were able to turn them on and operate touchpad, camera, WiFi, all buttons, speaker, and head phone jack . 7 powered up but got “stuck” on the green Android screen shown in photo below. 2 have broken digitizers. 1 did not power up.

MID pc 802

MID pc 802

MID pc 802 Some units power up and reach this screen only.

MID pc 802
Some units power up and reach this screen only.

9 UNITS: 10″ AVA SuperPad III, with ac power supply & stylus
Model #: SAWEE10, Android 2.2 V2.6#4416, Kernel Version:

Of the 9 units , 2 appeared to be functional to the extent that we were able to turn them on and operate touchpad, camera, WiFi, all buttons, speaker, and head phone jack.  2 went to Android screen then turned off, 1 wifi connected but didn’t stay connected, 1 remained stuck on android screen, 2 wifi “greyed out”, 1 booted to a screen that said “system is damaged”, 1 is missing stylus and charger.

AVA SuperPad III

AVA SuperPad III

10 UNITS:  7″ MID Touchpad Tablet PC, w/AC power supply
Model #: “generic”, Firmware version: 1.6, Kernal version: 2.6.29-00236-g4f8dbbb-dirty, Build #: WMT2.1_105, Memory: 256MB

Of the 10 units, 2 appeared to be functional to the extent that we were able to turn them on and operate touchpad, camera, WiFi, all buttons, speaker, and head phone jack. 4 got stuck on android screen, 1 did not hold charge, 1 did not turn on at all, 2 connected to wifi but did not stay connected. All the 7” tablets come with stylus in box; 2 are missing chargers.



Lot also includes:

  • 26 USB/Ethernet dongles
  • 4 sets earbuds, individually wrapped
  • Miscellaneous Android and user manuals
  • Retail boxes included for all tablets

Shipping FOB New York, NY, one carton, approx 21″x 21″x 21″ and 75 lbs.


Click an image to view larger and/or begin a slideshow of all images:

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50 General Flexible Stainless Steel Rule #305ME

LOT OF 50 – New Packaged

  • Flexible stainless steel
  • 6 inches / 15.24 centimeters
  • graduated by English 1/16 inch or by Metric in millimeters
  • New. Each piece sealed onto plastic/paper card.
  • MADE IN USA by General Tool



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Virgin Mobile MiFi 2200 Mobile Hotspot, Novatel Wireless, 57 units, 38 batteries

This lot is sold as is, with no guarantees and no returns accepted. READ CAREFULLY!

Lot of 57 Virgin Mobile / Novatel Wireless MiFi 2200
and 38 Novatel Wireless Li_Ion Batteries

These units and batteries were purchased as part of a large lot of consumer electronics. Origin and condition unknown, but we believe they may have been part of a shipment of “returns.” We have connected each of the 57 units, with batteries, via USB a/c power adapter, to a power source, and we observed the following:


  • On 34 of the units, Power Button LED lights up and achieves a green, blue (roaming) or yellow (charging) light; Service Status LED lights up (green) and a Virgin Mobile or Verizon Mifi 2200 network appeared in the list of available networks. It seems possible that some of these units have been flashed to Verizon, but we don’t know.
  • On 2, Power Button LED lights up and achieves a blue (roaming) light and Service Status LED achieves solid green light. No MiFi2200 network appears on available network list on computer.
  • On 14, Power Button/Power Button LED lights up and achieves a green light but Service Status LED does not light up.
  • On 7, neither the Power Button/Power Button LED nor the Service Status LED light up.


  • We tested all 38 batteries for a short period of time, not long enough for them to achieve a full charge, but long enough to observe that each battery seemed capable of holding a charge and recharging.

This lot contains 57 mifi units, 57 backs for the mifis, and 38 batteries. There are no AC wall chargers, USB or other cables, storage pouches, manuals, CD’s, or other accessories included.

Each unit’s ESN and SSID is visible on back of unit. We randomly selected two of the units and batteries and called Virgin Mobile with their ESN’s, We were informed that both units were under warranty and eligible for replacement. Therefore, it is possible that some or all of the remaining units are also under warranty. We don’t know.

Overall, the mifi units are clean and free from scratches. The batteries have paper covers; some are slightly frayed and we observed that at least one had some clear tape applied.

We are general liquidators, not electronics specialists, so we are unable to offer any guarantees as to the ultimate viability of these items. All we can tell you is how many powered up and how many didn’t, when we inserted batteries and connected them to a power source. This lot is non-returnable.

This lot is sold as is, with no guarantees and no returns accepted. READ CAREFULLY!




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Technivorm #11010 Moccamaster KB741 Replacement Water Tank

Surpiegirl_technivorm11010_4445 Surpiegirl_technivorm11010_4439

Technivorm Moccamaster Water Tank / Reservoir / Container #11010. For the KB 741 Series home brewer.




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Technivorm #11005 Moccamaster CD Replacement Water Tank

Surpiegirl_technivorm11005_4442 Surpiegirl_technivorm11005_4440

Technivorm Moccamaster Replacement Water Tank #11005. For the CD series brewer.




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